Graphic organisers

A selection of graphic organisers to break dow information into maneagable chunks to make content easier to review

Useful links

Sometimes procrastinating writing an email can act as a block to getting important information or help in school. Here are some templates and examples to get you started:

  • Asking for details on an assignment- 
  • Writing to your key worker/ member of staff about a concern-
  • Asking your key worker/ member of staff to implement a strategy to support you and your learning-

Useful books

Books I have found useful or interesting while researching for the guide

Useful links

At the back of the guide, I have referenced a few useful websites but who would realistically type those out? Here are the live links:

AET is a not-for-profit organisation supported by the Department of Education. 

Autistic burnout is something I hadn’t heard of until the end of my school career despite it greatly affecting my ability to work. Here is a link which may help to understand autistic burnout:


Perfectionism had a negative effect on my mental wellbeing and academic performance. Although perfectionism is not exclusive to autistic students, it can be a very common amongst them. Here are some links which may have some useful information regarding perfectionism: